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Purpose of the Study

The purpose of this study is to examine whether the use of microblogs can be used to provide performance support and therefore foster informal learning leading to performance improvement and communities of practice.

Research Questions

Therefore the research questions are the following:

  1. Does using a microblog in the workplace allow employees to become more aware of what each other is doing?
  2. Does the reading of status messages posted on a microblog lead to employees learning something new or receiving assistances with their jobs?
  3. Will the use of microblogs result in people feeling like they are part of communities where they can reach out to each other for assistance?

Significance of the Research

Microblogs have not yet been studied across a variety of organizations in different industries with employee numbers that span from 5 to over 200,000, for their ability to increase learning and performance, or their ability to foster communities of practice and manage knowledge in and for an organization. Results of this study could advise many organizations that are unsure of social media and think microblogs are disruptive because they distract employees, to reconsider these powerful new tools that can help us all stay connected in a productive manner. Results of this study also uncovered best practices. In addition, developers of microblogs may consider knowledge management systems as they further develop these powerful tools.

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