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This study utilizes a mixed-method design of quantitative and qualitative measures combined into one instrument and delivered via telephone interviews.

Yammer Functionality

Once you have signed up you can invite people, and/or follow people. To follow a person means every time they post a status message, you can see that message in your timeline. A timeline is a real-time feed of all the status messages from all the people you follow. While Yammer has a lot more functionality than outlined here, what is detailed is the main functionality that highlights Yammer’s benefits:

  1. You can read your colleague’s status updates from a computer or even from your mobile phone. You can also download any files they upload. Note that your colleagues’ updates are visible to all who follow them.
  2. People who follow you, can read your status messages on a computer or a mobile phone. They can alsod download any files you upload. Note that your updates are visible to all who follow you.
  3. You and your colleagues can send private, direct messages to each other that the others will not see. This is good for taking conversations offline.
  4. You can search the status updates of all the people you follow.
  5. People can tag their status updates and search for or follow all related status updates that are tagged the same way.

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