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Materials and Procedure

The emails and any messages posted on blogs will contain a request for participation that also informed participants why they were receiving the message, what they are being asked to do and the criteria by which they are eligible: that they have used Yammer for more than a month. It will also include what they will receive for participation. For participation, subjects will receive $50. (This researcher decided to add this incentive because of the before mentioned difficulties in acquiring participants.)

The public microblog Twitter, will also be used to collect participants and since it only allows 140 characters of text, a summarized request participation message will be required.

Messages to Recruit Participants

Microblog message (140 characters max):

Yammer users wanted 4 study on its use in orgs, $50 reimb. If using Yammer for 1 month min + post 3x weekly email:

Email and blog message:

Dear Yammer Users

A study is currently being conducted on microblogs in the workplace and you would receive $50 for your participation. The purpose of this study is to examine whether or not microblogs, when used within an organization to communicate with colleagues, can help people learn, improve their performance and create communities of colleagues who help each other with on-the-job activities.

Neither your name nor the name of your organization will be revealed when reporting results, pseudonyms will be used instead.

If you have been using Yammer for at least a month, read colleagues status messages and update your status on average at least three times a week, and would like to participate in the study, please email: expressing your interest and you will be contacted you to schedule a 1 hour telephone interview.

All participants will be offered a copy of the research results.

Thank you in advance for your participation.

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