You may be wondering what happened to me? Where did I go that I have not blogged in such a long time. Well, upon realizing that I wanted to do my research focusing on a microblog tool that is used for employees or members of the same organization, Yammer was the logical choice. So, now I have to find people who use Yammer (or Twitter in this same way but I have not found any of those to date). I have reached out to Yammer and they are asking some of their more active best practitioners if they would help. I am thinking I would love to at least interview 20 people for an hour each.

If Yammer cannot help me, I have a second option, and that is to ask the 2.0 adoption council if I can reach out to their members to see if I can ignite some interest. They are a very interesting group of people: they are all web 2.0 adopters/drivers in their large organizations and they use Yammer as a way to stay connected, given they are all from different firms. incidentally, my new Twitter, DCOG (distributed cognition) friend Rob turned me on to them. We met because one day he twitter about dcog and asked if anyone wanted to talk about it and I responded. (This is exactly the kind of thing I have been talking about in my blogs, what a powerful, wonderful tool to allow people like Rob and I, who most likely would have never met otherwise, to connect this way.)

My third option is the snowball sampling technique. In this case, all I have to find is one person who, interview them and ask them to refer me to someone else they know who uses Yammer or Twitter in this way, and so on, and so on. In case you forgot what I mean by saying: uses Twitter in this way, I mean by answering the question: what are you working on? and therefore more easily connecting with people in their day-to-day work lives in a meaningful way that leads to learning and performance improvement.

So here I am now just waiting to see what will happen! I hope I get a good lead soon. If anyone reading this has any other ideas I would love to hear them.